Saturday, November 5, 2011

Engineers Question Scottish Energy Policy

Scottish Energy 2020? Institution of Mechanical Engineers (.pdf)

An interesting overview of emissions issues related to energy - and the limited role of electricity in the total energy consumption of one, representative, location.
What these findings illustrate is that the term ‘Energy’ is often confused with ‘Electricity', a mistake often made in the media and in Government communications. Electricity is actually projected to be the smallest component of Scotland’s energy demand (heat and transport energy being greater).
Any 21st century energy policy must be sustainable. To guide the development of sustainable energy policy, the Institution created the ‘Energy Hierarchy’, a simple tool stating that energy policy must start with energy demand reduction, and then proceed with improving energy efficiency before considering different types of energy supply...
Only when the first two tiers of the Hierarchy have been fulfilled, should more effective ways of supplying energy be considered. Current Scottish energy policy fails in this regard by promoting supply-side technologies before first dealing with demand-side issues.

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