Monday, November 14, 2011

Spin Room: Ontarians DON'T Continue to Benefit from Electricity Exports

Ontarians Continue to Benefit from Electricity Exports: is the release from the government.

Ontario's electricity market generated over $23 million in October by exporting electricity to other states and provinces, bringing total net export revenues to nearly $248 million this year.
This revenue helps Ontario:

  • Keep costs down for families
  • Build and maintain a clean, reliable and modern electricity system
I've done some quick graphing of estimates based on 12-month moving averages from IESO publicly available data.  The first shows the estimated cost, per MWh, of exported electricity (at the Hourly Ontario Energy Price - HOEP), compared to the cost  in Ontario (the HOEP plus the Global Adjustment).
This might benefit families  ... if they live in Michigan.

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