Thursday, November 10, 2011

German Academic Group Criticizes Energy Policy - Calls to replace Feed-in Tariffs

German Council of Economic Experts Critical of Energy Policy and Current Promotion of Renewables « German Energy Blog:
"Yesterday the German Council of Economic Experts (GCEE) submitted its Annual Economic Report 2011/2012 to Chancellor Angela Merkel. The report also deals extensively with German energy policy. GCEE criticises the German reversal of its energy policy following the nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima and the costly promotion policy for renewable energy. It calls for a radical rethinking and a European approach for the expansion of the share of renewable energy instead of a a go-it-alone national approach."

It proposes to replace the German system of fixed feed-in tariffs pursuant to the EEG by green electricity certificates. To be able to exploit specific locational advantages for renewable energies in Europe, the system should be harmonized throughout Europe in the medium term, the council says, calling for a harmonisation of promotion rates in Germany across all technologies as a first step.

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