Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Most Important Resource for Our Future

Gail Tverberg's "Our Finite World" tackles the question, "What is the most important resource for our future?”
The Most Important Resource for Our Future: Inexpensive Oil | Our Finite World:
"A great deal has been said about decoupling economic growth from natural resource use. It is not clear to what extent this really is possible. We can move manufacturing to the Far East, and pretend that the resource use isn’t ours, but on a world basis, during the past decade, energy use has been rising as fast as world real GDP. This has happened largely because Asian growth in energy use has offset savings elsewhere.
Theoretically, if world oil supply is inadequate, we should be able to make substitutions that would work—either find a different liquid fuel to substitute for oil, or create new vehicles or machines that use a different source of energy than petroleum products. The problem is that making these substitutions is a slow, expensive process."
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