Monday, May 30, 2011

Cap-And-Trade Attacks, from the Left

After Cap-and-Trade Challenge, Unclear Course on Emissions -

Environmental justice groups had sued to block the cap-and-trade program. The crux of their argument was that in focusing strictly on climate-warming gases that are dispersed high in the atmosphere, California’s plan could overlook or indirectly abet the release of conventional pollutants that mainly harm low-income communities, like carbon monoxide or deadly fine particles from oil refineries.
And a group of states and Canadian provinces, known as the Western Climate Initiative, has effectively been abandoned for the time being by every state but California. (British Columbia and Ontario are still on track to begin their own emissions-trading programs next year, and Quebec could soon follow.)

This article is not particularly informative - aside from noting the WCI is in trouble in every state, and the implementation on the east coast isn't thriving either.
My understanding is that the challenge in California is that cap-and-trade would allow filthy production in poor neighbourhoods, with credits funding nice clean projects in nice clean wealthy neighbourhoods.
One alternative is standards - everywhere.

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