Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Finally, an Idiotic Blog Entry at the Guardian

Will the real Renewable Energy Foundation please stand up? | Leo Hickman | Environment |

So big wind, which RBS claims is its new single largest source of winds - cheered on by Goldman Sachs looking for any trading scheme that doesn't actually have any product attached (cap-and-trade) - is lilly-white while a group that produces the data that shows the stupidity of the wind policies is offside because it receives funding from those with property being devalued by big Wind.

That's nutters.

Not to be condescending from over here in Ontario - where the Ontario Clean Air Alliance opposes nuclear in order to push more gas on us every single day.

Come to thiink of it - I guess I am condescending.  If this is supposed to indicate the U.K.'s worst case of a misleading organization, it's pretty pathetic compared to Ontario's schemers.

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