Wednesday, May 25, 2011

IESO's Lastest 18-Month Outlook Emphasizes Exports

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"Exports have played a significant role in managing Surplus Baseload Generation (SBG) conditions in the past and the IESO will continue to utilize exports and other available options to address the SBG that is expected over the 18-month period," said Bruce Campbell, Vice President of Resource Integration. "The IESO's priority is to integrate renewables into its dispatch processes and maintain efficient and reliable scheduling and commitment of Ontario's generation resources."
Surplus baseload generation (SBG) remains an ongoing concern for the IESO. As expected, the balancing of supply and demand during low load periods is a very fluid environment, with volatility in SBG amounts driven in large extent by the demand for electricity, the ability to export the surplus electricity and varying wind production.

My most recent blog entry reviews several weeks of hourly generation data to illustrate how the IESO has been coping with surplus baseload supply.  The supply mix changes over the next 18 months will exacerbate the issue, as another 2100MW of supply that cannot be matched to demand is added to the system.

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