Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Monbiot - With More Notable Quotes

"The problem we face is not that we have too little fossil fuel, but too much."
 One interesting point made in, "Let's face it: none of our environmental fixes break the planet-wrecking project."

The excellent column was followed closely by an excellent post at his blog; "The green problem: how do we fight without losing what we're fighting for?"

1. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions means increasing electricity production. It is hard to see a way around this. Because low-carbon electricity is the best means of replacing the fossil fuels used for heating and transport, electricity generation will rise, even if we manage to engineer a massive reduction in overall energy consumption. The Zero Carbon Britain report published by the Centre for Alternative Technology envisages a 55% cut in overall energy demand by 2030 – and a near-doubling of electricity production.

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