Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wilkinson's Dishonourable Answers

Mr. John Yakabuski: My question is for the Minister of the Environment. Your ministry has received 750 complaints about wind turbines in just two years. That’s more than one complaint a day. This should come as no surprise. Every member in this House has received complaints about the siting of wind turbines. You claim to have rules regulating the placement of wind turbines, but by your own admission you’re doing absolutely nothing about non-compliance. Companies are in the business of making a profit. If your ministry issues no fines and issues no orders to comply, you are giving them your tacit approval to ignore the rules.
Why have you abandoned your responsibility as a government to set the rules and to also make sure that they are followed?

Hon. John Wilkinson: All we know is, the party of the moratoria over there doesn’t want to have renewable energy, so we can go back to burning dirty coal, which affects everyone in this House and all of our children. On this side of the House, we are for renewable energy. You are for the burning of dirty coal.
Ms. Sylvia Jones: My question is for the Minister of the Environment. Based on your comments in the media today, you seem to believe that every problem resulting in the siting of industrial turbines will be solved by the companies who own them. That certainly explains why you’ve been ignoring the Whitworth and Kidd families in my riding since 2006. They have been forced out of their homes at the recommendation of their doctor, who used to be a medical officer of health, because of the constant noise and electrical pollution produced by the substation. Minister, after five years, isn’t it time for you to act?
Hon. John Wilkinson: The question is, why did the member vote against the Green Energy Act, which was designed to ensure that we have, at the provincial level, the tools we require to ensure that companies are protecting human health? …
Did you get that switch there?
The wind companies are there to protect human health.
This is actually an extension of the government’s case in the Ian Hanna lawsuit.  The government considered health issues so the court should not … now it becomes the government has deputized wind companies to consider health issues.
The Hansard is using the term “honourable” far differently than it is used outside the legislature, and John Wilkinson hasn’t a clue what the word ‘liberal ‘means.

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  1. My goodness! So, let me get this straight....

    If MOE actually tries to make the wind developers abide by laws and regulations to protect rural communities, thousands of children are going to die from coal poisoning!

    Golly gee, I sure see the logic there.