Friday, June 17, 2011

Tyler Hamilton Sings For Samsung

Honesty, It's Such a Lonely Word.

In another apologist piece in The Toronto Star, Mr. Hamilton stumbles over some facts.

For instance:
  • Samsung hasn't received any of the money because they haven't produced and power.
  • Samsung's adder is over 1 billion dollars (the $427 million term put that amount, paid out over 20 year FIT contracts, in 2010 dollar values). It the FIT price did decline in the future, the adder would become relatively even more discriminatory in favouring the Korean syndicate.  Maybe - it's not like citizens have a right to know what the actual contract is.
  • Samsung hired a firm (Pattern Energy) to purchase existing projects in Ontario - whatever the signed deal is, it devalued projects already in planning by giving not only transmission preference to the Korean syndicate, but also pays out more per unit generated
  • Samsung struck deals with CS Wind and Siemens to avoid doing the intellectual work in Ontairo. We are paying top dollars only to fund bodies at the end of screwdrivers.
Europe has had multiple changes, unilaterally, to 'green' energy subsidies.   The racist implication that Ontario's opposition are acting worse than Africans is a new low.

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