Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wind Supply Issues in US Northwest Indicative of Problems everywhere

A recent presentation was put on the web:  Wind Energy Development in the Pacific Northwest: Checking Facts, Connecting Dots

Wind isn't expected to be useful there, and it might harm their valuable hydro equipment.

Some of the messages:

"Increasing wind generation lowering wholesale energy prices... Council analysis suggests RPS resources reduce annual average wholesale market prices by 4-8%, as much as 20% during the spring."
"Possible increased wear and tear on balancing units, especially hydro."
The BPA's shortage in peak capability is in January - the lowest capacity factor for wind there is in January

The BPA's plan to replace 2000MWa coal plant generation is: 
~50% from reducing exports
~17% from increased use of gas plants
~16% efficiency
~18% new gas generation
and about 1% from increasing renewable energy

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