Monday, June 4, 2012

Speech by head of the Association of Power Producers of Ontario

"Ontario’s Electricity System: Headed in The Right Direction” Speech by Dave Butters to the BOT - Welcome to APPrO, the Association of Power Producers of Ontario:
"First, we need to set a schedule for nuclear refurbishment and new build and simply get on with it. Fact: last month nuclear supplied 61% of our energy. Ontario is not going to walk away from nuclear – nor should it. While I was encouraged to see the government proceed with planning on nuclear refurbishment, there needs to be a clear commitment to move forward from there. And each day that we delay the decision is another day that the rest of the system is left waiting. Let’s please just move forward.

Second, the issue of surplus baseload capacity simply must be tackled. It is, in our  view, the single greatest impediment to ongoing confidence in the system - the greatest obstacle to forward momentum.

As everyone here knows, electricity does not remain idle. It cannot be stored in a jar. Put away for later. Once generated, it must be moved along the grid and delivered to a destination. Or not generated at all."
Read the entire speech at APPrO's site

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  1. It is hard to dance on the top of a pin but Mr. Butters did a pretty good job. Me thinks after a couple of beers he might sing a slightly different tune!