Friday, June 22, 2012

Tepid move towards new nuclear units in Ontario

The news release from OPG indicates life in the plans for new nuclear in Ontario - plans to be drawn up to present for discussion in another year... but plans

OPG Signs Services Agreements for New Nuclear Services Agreements will help inform government decision on new nuclear

Ontario Power Generation Inc. (OPG) has signed agreements with Westinghouse and  SNCLavalin/Candu Energy Inc. to prepare detailed construction plans, schedules and cost estimates for  two potential nuclear reactors at Darlington.The reports will help inform the government’s decision on whether to move forward with new nuclear at OPG’s Darlington site.
The Province’s Long-Term Energy Plan calls for approximately 2,000 megawatts of new nuclear generation. The two reactor designs that are currently subject to the Services Agreements are:
  • The Enhanced Candu 6 reactor designed by Candu Energy Inc., a unit of SNCLavalin.
  • The AP 1000 reactor designed by Westinghouse.
Under the terms of the agreements, each company will be given 12 months to develop its report. The completed reports will be analyzed and forwarded to the Province for its consideration.
All decisions on whether to move forward with the two potential nuclear reactors will be made by the Government of Ontario.

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  1. Ontario should try to engineer Candu's sale to Westinghouse. I don't trust that the Canadian government did the best that it could with regards to that sale to SNCLavalin, and they don't seem really keen to have it, going by the horrible press with regards to layoffs and poor labour relations.