Friday, June 29, 2012

Advanced reactors in UK spotlight - Including the EC6, and GE's PRISM

Some promising news from the UK.
Canada's western 'greens' are more likely to be selling nonsense to the east instead of advocating for Alberta and Saskatchewan to replace baseload coal units with EC6's ... or Prisms.

Advanced reactors in UK spotlight:
Candu's EC6 (Image: Candu)
"Advanced Candu reactor technology and GE-Hitachi's Prism concept have been shortlisted for further investigation to test their credibility as possible alternatives for managing the UK's plutonium stocks.
Reuse in mixed oxide (MOX) fuel is the preferred option for management of the UK's inventory of separated plutonium, but earlier this year the UK's Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) invited expressions of interest on potential alternative credible full lifecycle management options. Four responses were received by the 31 March deadline, and the NDA has now announced that two of them - from Candu Energy and GE-Hitachi - merit further consideration. The NDA has accordingly engaged the two companies to provide further information on their proposals."
Read the entire article at World Nuclear News:

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