Friday, June 29, 2012

GREEN VIDEOS: The Road to Hell is...

I think we've got a new video that bumps out last year's shocking 10:10 schlock for most repugnant 'green' campaign.

The latest from the thugs at Greenpeace:

The sign the torturers want read means "nuclear power stations will remain open ten years longer," with the message popping up on screen advising "Elio" not to be held hostage by the nuclear brigade, but to get out of nuclear.
Belgium's Prime Minister is Elio Di Rupo.
I'd be shocked by the latest Greenpeace effort, but ...

Here's the UK's messaging from last year:

The gore is unsettling to those who are not spinning a path to power off the threat of Armageddon ... but it might be preferable to the message out of Tides 'merika Jr. - which is that big Green will hook you up:

Tides has a donate button as the 'strange bedfellows' campaign is apparently an attempt at fundraising.
Canada works better when Canada Sleeps Together
I hope the Rockefellers enjoy the show.

Remember the day when a Cheap Trick was a band, a TDI clean diesel Audi A3 wasn't part of an emissions scandal, and green police states were more fun?

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