Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bruce Power Completes Important Project with Reactor's Return to Production

The IESO's Output and Capability report shows Bruce 3 returning to production at 11 am Saturday June 2nd.  This project is likely very important for the next 1-2 decades of electricity generation in Ontario.
Update: News Release notes key milestone
Less glamorous than the full refurbishment projects at units 1 and 2, this is the project that will assure significant nuclear generation from the Bruce B units for over another decade.   The 'west shift' project seemed to demonstrate the move to engineering dealing with life limiting components independent of the massive refurbishment projects such as Bruce Power has been carrying out at units 1 and 2.

Bruce 2 first came on line in 1978, but was idled later in the 1990's until 2004.  It would therefore have been operating for approximately the length of time of the Bruce B units (1983-1987).

On November 7th, Bruce Power issued a press release, which started:
Bruce A’s Unit 3 was taken offline on Nov. 6 to begin a 160-day planned maintenance outage, which will see the life of the unit extended through the end of the decade.
208 days later the reactor is again producing power.
Prospectively for another 15 10 years (as per news release).

See question starting at 7:10

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