Thursday, June 21, 2012

Electricity Costs and UWO: My What's the Mater meets My Alma Mater

Seeking ways to reduce electricity consumption:
"With a utility bill more than $25 million last year, Western’s Facilities Management staff is seeking new ways to reduce the university’s electricity consumption this summer.
Embedded within its utility bill lies Western’s government-applied Global Adjustment (GA) tax. Last year’s tax was more than $6.5 million (approximately 25 per cent of the entire utility bill). By reducing electricity consumption this summer, Western will not only lower its utility bill, but it can also significantly reduce its GA tax."
I have one comment that might help the old school be more new school in their facilities management.
The challenge is that it cannot be predicted when the peak hours are going to be. For this reason, Western needs to have good consumption practices during those hours when the peak demands in Ontario could potentially be measured.
It really isn't that hard to know when the hours will be - you pay somebody, such as Sygration, and they'll let you know when possible peak hours are pending.
And you run big generators at those times - don't worry about getting clean ones, you'll probably only need them to avoid GA charges anyway.

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