Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Carbon revenues spat poses new threat for Polish renewables

Op-ed introduction to citation:
Polish Minister PillowTalkski demonstrates why carbon taxes are opposed - with the revenues not being used to reduce emissions in the most efficient manner, but to fund a renewables industry high on promises and low on accomplishments.

Carbon revenues spat poses new threat for Polish renewables - Politics - Renewable energy news:
"Poland's ministries of finance and economy are at war over where to direct funds raised from fees paid by greenhouse gas emitters, marking a fresh hurdle in the country's efforts to pass controversial new renewables legislation."
The ministry of economy wrote the draft renewables law so that revenue from emissions would flow towards green investment, via the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. The payment amounted to around 700m zlotys ($217 million) in 2011.
But the finance ministry has made it known that wants to divert the carbon revenues into the central budget, according to Janusz Pilitowski, head of the renewables department at the economy ministry.
The clash is the latest conflict between ministries, local utilities and the wind energy lobby as the coal-dependent nation seeks to optimise the stream of renewables investment.
"The finance ministry's demand for the money is unacceptable, because these are funds that are in a sense dedicated to renewable energy," Pilitowski told a wind sector seminar. "I appeal to you to support the economy ministry in this case, irrespective of the earlier wave of criticism."

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