Monday, November 19, 2012

Urgently Needed: A Dumber, Tougher Grid

Nasty editorial introduction to an important article:  The article shows that a clever politician never wastes a good disaster as a chance to introduce his own agenda ... and neither does the dopey politician son of a clever politician.

Urgently Needed: A Dumber, Tougher Grid - IEEE Spectrum:
Since the hurricane and “nor’easter” that devastated the New Jersey and New York " coasts two weeks ago, leaving millions without heat, gasoline and electricity, there has been a lot of loose talk about how a smarter grid might moderate the effects of such catastrophes in the future.
The smart grid will indeed have a role to play—especially in speeding recovery. As Massoud Amin of the University of Minnesota recently put it, “a more resilient, secure and smarter infrastructure…would localize impacts and enable a speedier restoration of the services.”
However, what we need even more urgently than a more agile and interactive grid incorporating advanced computing and communications in all dimensions is a grid that’s basically old-fashioned, stupid and really, really tough.
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