Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hope is not enough: Inspiring better energy policy

The Council for Clean & Reliable Electricity has a guest commentary by Steven Lightfoot; "Hope is not enough - Inspiring better energy policy"
Hope-driven energy policy is all around us. The governments of Ontario, Germany, Spain, California and countless others have provided large financial incentives to develop their green energy industries and increase their use of intermittent renewable energy, despite mounting evidence that these initiatives are ineffective from a cost, operational and even emissions point of view.
For residents of the Greater Toronto Area, a monument to hope has become part of the Toronto skyline. The WindShare Ex Place wind turbine, on the Exhibition Place grounds near Lake Ontario, will never produce any meaningful amount of electricity. What it does do, for better, and likely worse, is to remind the general public that wind turbines exist. Citizens who “want to believe” will be continually encouraged by its presence. Jack Layton, a master of hopeful rhetoric and a disciple of Lovins, was one its key proponents.
Read the entire commentary (.pdf)

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