Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pro-Nuclear Hudak: "Wind Down the Green Energy Act"

The PC Party has posted a press release overview of a speech delivered yesterday to the Annual General Meeting of the Organization of CANDU Industries - as well as the text of the speech.

AJAX: It’s time for a new approach to Ontario’s power sector – one that recognizes that affordable energy, and nuclear power in particular, is an economic fundamental to create jobs, PC Leader Tim Hudak said today.

  • Creating a reliable long-term plan for energy supply.
  • Winding down the Green Energy Act."
From the  text of the speech:

We share an unabashed commitment to nuclear energy and fully support moving forward with new units here in Ontario.
For me, it’s about jobs. Nuclear energy is a cornerstone of economic growth and job creation, here in Ontario and around the world.
Nuclear has always been a clean, reliable and efficient source of electricity.
You have a record to be proud of. Nuclear meets more than 50 per cent of Ontario's electricity needs.
It’s the workhorse of our electricity grid. Technological advancements mean plants today are more efficient and operating at nearly full capacity.
Ontario has a global reputation for safety and environmental protection.
Nuclear has had a central role in driving Ontario’s economy and attracting job-creating investments.
You are job creators not only in your sector, but in every part of the Ontario economy, as energy is one of the top costs or inputs for our proud manufacturing, industrial and resource development sectors.

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