Wednesday, November 28, 2012

German Electricity and Gas Monitoring Report 2012

The number of issues packed into this brief quote from the German Energy Blog is exceptional.

BNetzA and German Cartel Office Present Joint Electricity and Gas Monitoring Report 2012 « German Energy Blog:
Germany saw another strong expansion of volatile renewable power plant capacity, in particular solar power plant capacity. The growing share of renewable power has to be purchased and transmitted with priority by the grid operators, and is remunerated with fixed feed-in tariffs pursuant Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). This has rendered the construction of new conventional power plants that can balance the fluctuating input of green electricity less and less attractive, as the operating times for these plants are continually decreasing.
Renewable power plant capacity not subject to competition meanwhile amounts to 68 GW, compared to over 105 GW of conventional capacity that has to compete for  market share. 
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