Saturday, February 4, 2012

China’s carbon tax is very real

There appears to be a real chance of a carbon tax being introduced in China ...
I think there is a genuine argument to be made in favour of carbon taxes; and I think that is absolutely not the case for cap-and-trade, or feed-in tariff, mechanisms.
China is suddenly the best hope for the introduction of economic intelligence into carbon abatement programs.

China’s carbon tax is very real: response to John Lee’s Wall Street Journal article accusing Beijing’s environmental policymakers of political theatre | chinadialogue:
"The news that China may very soon introduce a carbon tax has caused a stir. Of the many articles to address the topic, John Lee’s Wall Street Journal commentary “China’s Fake Carbon Tax”, published earlier this month, is particularly striking. In this confusing diatribe, Lee puts forward his personal theories about China’s motives. But these have no foundation in reality.
Why is China preparing to introduce a carbon tax? Taxing carbon is an effective market-based method for cutting carbon-dioxide emissions and tackling climate change. Many countries, both developed and developing, are considering a carbon tax, while some have already introduced one. The details of the tax differ from place to place, but the essential aim is the same: reducing carbon emissions; speeding up economic transition; promoting energy conservation and renewable-energy development; and mobilising industry enthusiasm for green measures. "

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