Sunday, February 19, 2012

Health Expert Attacks 'Macabre Accounting' of Anti-nuclear crusaders

An article from Europe where the argument for nuclear comes from a health expert.

Nuclear industry seen emerging from Fukushima shock | EurActiv:
"In a vibrant plea for the nuclear sector, Jean de Kervasdoué, a health expert who teaches at the French Centre National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM), spoke at length about the misperception of the dangers of radiation.
The speaker puzzled the audience by denouncing the "macabre accountancy" surrounding nuclear incidents, suggesting that the health dangers have been grossly exaggerated."
...20,000 people have died in coal mines in 2011 alone, and up to 800,000 died from the pollution ceated by coal mining and burning. Regarding the Fukushima nuclear accident, he said that only seven people were contaminated, and not a single death had been caused by radiation so far.

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