Monday, February 6, 2012

Ontario’s power glut means possible nuclear plant shutdowns

An article in The Ottawa Citizen today facilitates the German nuclear-elimination method in Ontario:
Ontario’s power glut means possible nuclear plant shutdowns:
"OTTAWA — For at least eight hours Monday, Ontario is once again forecast to produce more electricity than it consumes, and the recurring glut has one top energy executive warning of temporary nuclear power plant shutdowns.
“We have largely been able to avoid nuclear shutdowns to deal with the (surplus) conditions but this may not be the case in the near future,” Paul Murphy, head of the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), recently told an industry gathering.
His comment is raising questions about Ontario’s plans to boost nuclear power as the province’s chief source of energy."
Here are links to the powerpoint presentation from the IESO, presumably related to Murphy's speech

My comments attached to the Ottawa Citizen article:
A couple of things. The first is the 'crises' on June 8th was entirely manufactured. At 2 pm, when imports peaked, only 1 coal unit was running at any capacity (and it was reduced). Secondly, Ontario redirects hydro output from sites directly into Quebec's grid, presumably to secure peak imports already. This article also twists the point of Murphy's presentation, which was the need to curtail wind supply during SBG periods. There's little point picking Herr Winfield for a quote - why not go directly to German Greens for comment, as the ploy of dumping nuclear behind a barrage of unreliables is there invention:

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