Monday, February 27, 2012

Location, Location, Location, 700 Million Times -

The NY Times is reporting on a new study, sponsored by EPRI, that shows potential space for plenty of nuclear capacity, but surprisingly little for concentrated solar thermal plants:

Location, Location, Location, 700 Million Times -
"Many arguments lie ahead on what kind of power-generating equipment should be built next. If the choice is nuclear, coal or some types of renewable energy, space will not be a problem, according to a new study sponsored by the Electric Power Research Institute, a nonprofit utility consortium. There are also lots of places to put plants that will store energy in the form of compressed air, researchers report.
The study, carried out by the Energy Department’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, found locations for 515 gigawatts’ worth of new nuclear plants — nearly five times what exists now"
But potential locations for solar thermal plants, which use the sun’s heat to make steam and then electricity, are far more limited; if the plants are cooled by water, there is space for only about 18 gigawatts, the study said.

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