Friday, February 24, 2012

Merkel's Switch to Renewables: Rising Energy Prices Endanger German Industry

According to der Spiegel, Grid problems are already starting to hit German business as soaring electricity pricing leads to idle factories.
Merkel's Switch to Renewables: Rising Energy Prices Endanger German Industry - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International:
The operators of the major power grids have been in a state of alarm for weeks. Operator TenneT has had to draw on reserve capacity. Nevertheless, there have already been some serious problems caused by split-second power outages, which ordinary consumers don't even notice, but that create difficulties for industry, with its highly complex production processes. Since Merkel's new energy policy was introduced, aluminum manufacturer Norsk Hydro has registered half a million euros in losses at its German plants because of power fluctuations. Even minimal power outages can cause the company's sensitive rollers to seize up.
The entire article can be read at Spiegel Online International

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