Friday, August 31, 2012

Germany's Junior Coalition Partner Looks to Moratorium, and Charges on existing renewables

Reports about that the coalition partner of Angela Merkel's CDU, the FDP,  is considering a moratorium on wind and solar in Germany.

FDP party whip Rainer Brüderle is the source cited for plans that appear comparable to the newly elected, right-wing, government in Spain - which has abandoned feed-in tariffs, and is being lobbied heavily (and it appears successfully) to abandon plans to tax generators that require redundant complimentary generators, as well as additional grid expense - meaning wind and solar (background on the reign in Spain here).

I see 3 possibilities regarding Brüderle's statements
The most likely is that the FDP is stepping up it's campaign to abandon the feed-in tariff (FIT) programs that will add about 5 Euro cents/kWh to each voter's electricity bills when the election takes place next year - the desire has been to replace these with market-based Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), demanding utilities to purchase a percentage of supply from cleaner sourrces.
The leading FDP politician is Economy Minister, and Vice Chancellor, Philipp Rösler

The second possibility is the FDP is developing it's platform for next year's election, and sending out a trial balloon (Germany has representation by population aspects to it's electoral system - so appealing strongly to 15% of the population could garner very significant representation).

The third possibility is Rainer Brüderle spoke out without the blessing, or support, of the entire party.

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