Monday, August 27, 2012

Ontario's Solar Future: Uncensored/Parker Gallant's GEGEA review

An advertisement/article on a solar industry event promises that the Minister of Energy when Ontario introduced it's Green Energy And Green Economy Act will call for an end to nuclear energy.
The Green Energy & Economy Act - Examining it's Creators is Parker Gallant's latest, which I posted on WCO's blog earlier today.  It notes the glory days of the Green Energy Clique that passed the GEA 3 years ago.  Since that time Ontario's use of fossil fuels in electricity generation has not declined (the first 8 months of 2012 are higher, on similar demand); Germany's use of fossil fuels has increased over 6% since that time.
Perhaps Mr. Smitherman will try to relate subsidizing a small cabal of friends with hard goals in reducing greenhouse gases, but another entry I posted on WCO's site this morning indicates that is unlikely:  European Governments Required to Justify Wind Claims 

Ontario's Solar Future: Uncensored - Why you should come to Toronto's SSX ONTARIO on September 6-7, 2012. | JacobTravis
... [George Smitheman will] elaborate on his stance that “FIT 2.0 is the end … there will not be a FIT 3.0.” As we say around here, this is where the “FIT Hits the SHan.”

George will not hold back, spelling out that solar’s only chance in Ontario is to get the OPA’s “Long-Term Energy Plan” radically updated. Only an LTEP 2.0 that knocks out the need for more Nuclear will create the next opportunity. But, who will champion that cause? Can the sector get it together to build upon all of the sacrifice, fight for its survival, and –even more— reach its potential to become a global leader?
Read the entire advertorial at Renewable Energy World

While George Smitherman is no longer in the provincial legislature, it is likely his speech is inspired by the Premier as the Ontario Clean Energy Task Force is not composed primarily of energy experts, but of nuclear opponents (I wrote on this in Green is the Old White and Manning Up: A Weak Week for Ontario in the Electricity Sector, et al.)
Previous to those posts, I noted the renewables push in Germany has never appeared to me to be about reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but about eliminating nuclear: Germany's Will to Power

I don't believe the 2500-3000MW of solar capacity called for in the Long- Term Energy Plan are incompatible with the planned nuclear baseload, as surplus baseload generation is far less frequent during the daytime.
I do believe the FiT, and particularly  the microFiT, is an unjust way to acquire that capacity.

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