Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wind power: The dirty secret of the energy revolution |

Another economic perspective of the wealth distribution from feed-in-tariffs.
The article is German (the translation is simply using Google's translate function)

Wind power: The dirty secret of the energy revolution |
What sucks is that representatives of the industry act as if they were traveling on behalf of a higher mission. Sure, the energy transition is a gigantic project for the future, with the reverses of our economy. A project that inspires.
But it is also one of the largest redistribution programs from bottom to top, which Germany has seen for a long time. It divides the society into those who produce (at 20 years guaranteed), and those who consume. Someone who really cares in the SPD or the Greens, who otherwise always combine top-down redistribution or want?
Even industry representatives unofficially admit that these transfers are a "huge issue" and the high rents are insane. But there are notoriously tricky topics giants, they would rather not talk loudly...
So if you see the next time a wind turbine, do not think: This is beautiful or ugly. Or clean or disturbing. Just think: Congratulations! Someone's been damn rich.
The article can be read in full, in German, at the Financial Times Deutschland site:

Ontario note: microFIT contracts require separate metering for the solar panels - and I suspect most profiting handsomely off of solar panels here are consuming as much, or more, energy than they produce.
They pay 7-8 cents for what they consume, and sell production for 60-83.

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