Thursday, August 23, 2012

I had a green job: "we needed Disasters to compete"

Fox News is not a source I look to - but this article is noteworthy in light of other recent citations I've made on this blog.

I had a green job | Fox News:
I wish I could say people work in Green energy because they sincerely believe in catastrophic global warming. But most also reject nuclear power, the only scalable form of CO2-free energy, hating it as a competitor while celebrating Fukushima for creating anti-nuclear sentiment. “Nuclear is dead!” proclaimed my boss at a staff meeting just days after the disaster. “This will be good for us!” he continued, in the wake of 20,000 deaths, not one caused by nuclear radiation.
He was right--we needed disasters to compete.
This is the kind of polluted cultural environment some of our nation’s most talented engineers are developing in--because the government is creating every incentive to bring it about.
The article, available in full at Fox News, I found interesting in light of an article I cited last month on Pascal Bruckner; "Scorning the Propaganda of Fear."

It seems more are catching onto the fact that some are opposed to Anthropogenic global warming (AGW) not necessarily due to an opposition to global warming - some are just misanthropes.

The Onion's recent Prius Solution commercial didn't strike me as amusing - just disturbing.   It's relevant though, because there is clearly a distasteful undercurrent to what is happening here - even if we aren't sure exactly what it is - or how to laugh it off.

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