Friday, August 24, 2012

Nuclear's Dilemma: Few Jobs, Just Energy

An incredible article - in my opinion - admittedly as somebody who spent much of his childhood living within a km of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.

The American Spectator : Nuclear's Dilemma: Few Jobs, Just Energy
The only way in which nuclear really "creates job" is in providing clean, cheap electricity to make other manufacturing operations profitable. Tennessee has refashioned itself into a major auto manufacturing state, hosting both Nissan and Volkswagen's U.S. headquarters and creating 100,000 ancillary jobs, partly by capitalizing on nuclear electricity from the Tennessee Valley Authority. IBM, Vermont's largest employer, has threatened to leave the state if it loses the cheap power of Vermont Yankee.
No, when it comes to marshaling the votes of thousands of coal miners or railroad employees or windmill manufacturers, nuclear definitely fails the test. All it produces is lots of clean, cheap energy.
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