Friday, March 23, 2012

2012 Information Updates - CNSC allows Point Lepreau fuel reload

Point Lepreau is behind schedule and over budget, but the timing worked out well as the deep recession during the outage made replacement power cheap.  If the next 25-30 see reactor performance as efficient as the first 25 were, it will work out well for New Brunswick.
This the the 3d recent CANDU refurbishment project, in Canada, to get the OK for refueling;  the most advanced project is Bruce Unit 2, which is out of the guaranteed shutdown state and proceeding towards joining the grid in Ontario.  In South Korea, a refurbished CANDU re-entered service last year (Wolsong 1)

2012 Information Updates - CNSC allows Point Lepreau fuel reload:
"March 22, 2012
The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) announced today its decision to authorize NB Power Nuclear (NBPN) to proceed with reloading fuel in the newly refurbished Point Lepreau reactor. NBPN will also require CNSC's approval prior to restarting the reactor, which will remain in a guaranteed shutdown state until that point."
More information at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Site

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