Thursday, March 1, 2012

Germany Cuts Solar Feed-In Tariff 20%

A draft bill is not yet officially available, but it looks as if the decision may be substantially identical with the agreement on solar feed-in tariffs reached last week between Minister Philipp Rösler (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology – BMWi) and Minister Norbert Röttgen (Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety – BMU).
According to the press release, a one-time cut of over 20% shall become effective as of 9 March 2012. Furthermore, feed-in tariffs shall be reduced monthly by 0,15 ct/kWh starting 1 May 2012. In addition, plant operators shall only receive feed-in payments for a limited amount of electricity generated, the press release says.
According to the proposal by Ministers Rösler and Röttgen, small roof-top installations up to 10 kW shall receive feed-in tariff payments for 85% of the energy generated in one calendar year, while all other installations shall receive payments for 90% of the energy, starting 1 January 2013 for all plants commissioned after 9 March 2012. This shall create an incentive for self-consumption of the energy exceeding the limit or for direct marketing.
The full article can be read at the German Energy Blog site 

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