Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A FIT Bust: the bloom is off of the renewables rose

Recharge magazine notes Norway's Renewable Energy Corporation (REC) has closed it's second to last wafer plant, in Europe, with it's final European plant likely to follow within months.

The same site reports Germany's Solarhybrid has "entered insolvency proceedings, falling victim to looming changes to Germany's feed-in tariff (FIT)."

The UK's first 'Green' MP, Caroline Lucas, writing in the Guardian, chastises newish climate secretary Ed Davey for putting his hopes in gas.  After cocooning with anybody who opposes nuclear for years, some of the renewables advocates are just catching up to an Admiral Ackbar'ish understanding of the relationship with the gas industry.
Pathetically, Lucas' column includes a lament that the gas generation is unlikely to get CCS.

George Monbiot knew that a long time ago.  For instance, he noted it in his August 8, 2011 piece: 'THE MORAL CASE FOR NUCLEAR POWER'

Renewables advocate Ackbar discovering the nature of the gas partners in the fight against nuclear:

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