Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why I am urging David Cameron to act against Friends of the Earth

I don't know that Mr. Monbiot actually expects David Cameron to face up to the authors of the anti-nuclear letter, but ...

Why I am urging David Cameron to act against Friends of the Earth | George Monbiot | Environment |
"The signatories of both letters to Cameron – against and for nuclear power – want to see more investment in both energy efficiency and renewables. What divides us is the aim of this investment. Those who wrote the first letter want this investment deployed to replace nuclear generation, which is by far the greatest current source of low-carbon electricity. The signatories to the second letter (Mark Lynas, Fred Pearce, Stephen Tindale, Michael Hanlon and myself) want it used to replace fossil fuels.
It is plain that we cannot do both. Reducing carbon emissions to 10% or less of current levels in the rich nations, which is the minimum required to prevent two degrees of warming, is hard enough already. To do so while also abandoning our most reliable and widespread low-carbon technology is even harder. It's like putting on a pair of handcuffs before stepping into the boxing ring.
To suggest phasing out nuclear power when the world is faced with a climate change crisis is utter madness. It shows that some people have lost sight of which goal is more important."
Read the full column at George Monbiot's Blog, at the Guardian site

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