Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Renewables at risk in Queensland after Labor electoral rout

"Recharge: the global source for renewable energy news" reports on the ... well, the latest state government in Australia to fall to a Liberal/National coalition that is far less likely to gamble with energy policies.
The Australian Labor Party’s electoral trouncing in the country’s second largest state puts large-scale solar and wind energy deployment at risk, but residential solar is expected to survive the switch in administration with the likely retention of Labor’s feed-in tariff (FIT).

At Saturday’s state election, a 16% swing to the LNP – an amalgamation of the Liberal and National parties – saw Labor lose 43 seats to retain just seven, while the LNP swept up 74 seats for a massive majority of 65.

The LNP – led by the charismatic former Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman – has done some serious thinking on renewable energy, according to a November strategy document.

In a press release announcing the document, the party committed to “developing clean energy, alternative and renewable technologies and fuels, while ensuring coal fired electricity can remain competitive and viable.”
On the solar FIT, the article notes it is "a A$0.44 kW/Hr payment for surplus solar energy exported back to the electricity grid."

Net Metering.

Ontario - you getting any of this?

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