Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It is easy being green - no thought required.

A juxtaposition today, with der Spiegel reporting on how easy it is to be green, however stupidly (Germany's Failing Environmental Projects), and a column from Kingston's Whig-Standard proving it is easy to sell Green, however stupidly.

It's not easy being green - The Whig Standard - Ontario, CA:
"As sensible, energy-wary Canadians, we know we have to wean ourselves off fossil fuels. We know that renewable, sustainable energy sources are the way of the future."
Back in the dark ages they burned people who claimed to know the future.
That might be how the dark ages were ended.
So why isn’t there a wind turbine in every backyard or a solar panel on every roof?
Not too up on the inability of wind turbines and solar panels to displace fossil fuels?
“It’s a real challenge, but people have to remember if it’s not a solar farm or it’s not a wind farm, then it’s a nuclear plant,”
Not too up on uranium and how it isn't a fossil fuel?
“ … we can’t allow lies, repeated often enough that they become reality, to stop us.”
Not only are lies not stopping reporter Michael Lea and subject Paul McKay, they seem to be acting as fuel.

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