Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Renewed U.S. Interest in Japan's Fast Reactor? - ScienceInsider

The search for a viable IFR includes reviewing Japan's Monju program

A Renewed U.S. Interest in Japan's Fast Reactor? - ScienceInsider:
Nuclear power experts from Japan and the United States met in Tokyo today, and one surprising topic of conversation was the host country's Monju experimental fast reactor. "The possibility of cooperative work with Japan in the area of fast reactors is something that is attractive to us precisely because they have Monju," Daniel Poneman, the U.S. deputy secretary of energy, said at a press conference today...
Monju has a troubled history. A succession of mishaps and a scandal over an attempt to cover up an accident have kept the facility shut down for all but a few months since it first achieved criticality, or a sustained nuclear reaction, in 1994. The program is currently on hold, with just enough funding for maintenance
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