Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A tool to detect electricity drains in your home

The "Do the Math" blog provides a great perspective on reducing personal emissions.  It is data driven and can be technical, but some of the basic points I've gotten are it might be pretty simple to curtail driving instead of getting the ultimate gas guzzler - simpler to turn down the thermostat than invest in more efficient heating, etc.
The author of the blog, physics Professor Tom Murphy, shares his data detective experience.

TED-Stravaganza | Do the Math:
In Canada, TED can be bought here ($205)
TED is The Energy Detective. That same earlier post told the story of TED’s tortured journey to our home—a tale of excitement, rejection, and ultimate acceptance.
This post is not meant to convey anything deep and meaningful about the energy challenges we face, except for the fact that those challenges provided a background motivation for me to explore and monitor energy data in my home (it should be obvious by now that I’m a data-holic). Rather, I will simply showcase a number of data captures from TED so you can see for yourself the interesting hidden behaviors of appliances, and develop some intuition about how much of a toll various devices take."
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