Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pascal Bruckner: Scorning the propaganda of fear

An article on a financial site covering a philosopher tackling current attitudes, and consequent politics, surrounding the environment and climate change.
Très Bon

Scorning the propaganda of fear:
"Intelligent responses to environmental degradation are therefore required rather than radical “belt-tightening” and “privation” in the form of a retreat from nuclear power and even domestic heating.
“There is this famous notion defended by the ecologists of ‘negawatts’: the best energy is that which we don’t expend,” the philosopher almost sneers.
“Yes, we need to make some savings. But wealth reproduces itself and life cannot simply be a subtraction. It is like saying ‘the best life is the life we don’t lead’. This is a kind of neo-Malthusianism.”"
Read the entire article at the Financial Review website

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