Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Illinois Green Lobby Fights Sane Consumer Pricing

My understanding of this story:

  • state passes a law for x% of all electricity to come from certain sources (we'll call them green)
  • big energy gives out big power purchase agreements to professional influence peddlars (Invernergy) for local 'green' generation
  • Consumer advocates win right to purchase power from other providers
  • other providers get certificates for 'green' source generation elsewhere.
  • Influence peddlars move cost of their contracts off of commodity charge of bills and into a tax on all users.

ComEd's loss of cities hurts wind, solar power facilities in Illinois - In Other News - Crain's Chicago Business:
"Chicago's recent move to join more than 100 suburbs in allowing residents to buy cheaper power than that offered by Commonwealth Edison Co. could kill the construction of any more wind farms or other large-scale renewable-energy facilities in Illinois, clean-energy companies say.
Two major state energy laws have combined in an unanticipated fashion to make new wind farms and large-scale solar facilities impossible to finance. One requires an increasing percentage of the power consumed here to come from clean sources. The other allows municipalities to buy cheap electricity in bulk on behalf of their constituents."

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