Tuesday, July 10, 2012

CSP sector accuses utilities of asking EU to back Spain FIT cuts

Rumours out of Spain lately circle around a tax on intermittent generators - with the government already have ceased new subsidies with generation capacity reportedly 3 times greater than maximum demand.
This particular report is strange, as CSP delivers a more predictable output than either wind or solar PV - but it is further indication that something is happening.

CSP sector accuses utilities of asking EU to back Spain FIT cuts - Politics - Renewable energy news - Recharge - wind, solar, biomass, wave/tidal/hydro and geothermal:
"Sources from the utilities confirmed that their representatives had taken part in the meeting with the European Commission’s director general for energy, Philip Lowe, but stressed that it had been organised by UNESA.
The association says in a statement that “the objective of the meetings has been to address the serious problem that the tariff deficit poses for the Spanish electrical system, caused principally by the generous subsidies that solar technologies receive".
UNESA adds that it informed European Commission officials about recent Spanish Supreme Court judgements which it claims have “dismissed the (legal) pretensions of the PV sector”.
“The high court affirms that the subsidies for these energies can be modified if the economic circumstances of the country have changed, and if there is a substantial increase in the tariff deficit.""
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