Friday, July 13, 2012

SkyPower seeks $100M over Dalton McGuinty’s solar rejig

I noticed the feed-in tariff related Ministerial Directive to the Ontario Power Authority earlier this week (PDF on OPA site).  I sent a short e-mail out with my first thoughts on first glance:
- seems to put some teeth into local ownership provisions
- seems to slightly restrict land available for solar

It was already known that the process would be restarted necessitating applicant to re-apply under the new system, so I assume SkyPower had a number of projects without local ownership on sites containing some workable farmland, or on lands planned for the development as settlement areas in municipal plans.

SkyPower seeks $100M over Dalton McGuinty’s solar rejig | Canadian Politics | Canada | News | National Post:
The new dispute stems from the realization that the changes, which did not apply to already-approved projects, does in fact apply to those awaiting approval — those in the queue, to use Mr. Gilbert’s phrase.
The SkyPower legal action suggests even those businesses best positioned to profit from its introduction are troubled by the delays that have plagued the approval process.
None of the allegations has been proven in court. A hearing has been set for July 24, at which time the government and OPA can respond.
Read the full article at the National Post site

A second article today is Is Energy Policy In Ontario A Ship Without a Rudder in the Guelph Mercury.  It is a written by David Estill, an exectutive in the solar industry.

Mr. Estill concluding paragraph begins with,
"We deserve a government that listens to us, yes, but that has the courage to stand up for its convictions. "
True enough - and the moves on restricting applications on workable land and lands included in responsible urban planning does indicate some listening to people's concerns - despite angering other people in the subsidy farming industry. 

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