Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Settlement to scrap Mississauga gas plant costs - and costly precedent

The Toronto Star article on the move of a a natural gas-fired generation plant from Mississauga to Lambton includes notification that the settlement may serve as a road map for a larger one.
Projects were already in the works for Lambton ... and Nanticoke.  The settlements punish public Ontario Power Generation for the government's adventures in privatization.

Liberals say settlement to scrap Mississauga gas plant cost $180M - thestar.com:
The only memory of Sir Adam Beck in T.O.
... Bentley said the Oakville situation remains unresolved.
“There are discussions going on with respect to the Oakville plant between the proponents and those discussions continue,” he said.
Sources told the Star it appears TransCanada could end up getting the contract to retrofit the massive Nanticoke coal-fired plant to natural gas and a new pipeline to fuel it as compensation for Oakville."
OPG was proceeding with post coal plans for both Lambton and Nanticoke.

Nanticoke has the added expense in that sufficient gas capacity would need to be brought to the area.

The government is abandoning the professional planning advice to get more local generation within the city (my recollection is New York city moved to 80% regional generation after blackouts during the 1970's, when it was 10%), and lessening the visibility of the legal costs of their cynical, and successful, vote buying escapades by continuing to hand-off public power assets in order to control the dollar values printed in the mainstream media.

And still no local generation in areas of the GTA that the contracts were originally signed to provide.

Full article on recent agreement in the Toronto Star
Previous article on government devaluation of public generating assets here

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