Tuesday, July 2, 2013

German Renewables Surcharge for 2014 to Increase from 5.277 to 6/6.5 ct/kWh?

A forecast for 2014's renewable surcharge in Germany.
Coming alongside news that Germany's wholesale rate hit a new monthly low in June (2.8 cents), I am skeptical the increase would be only 15-25%, but ...

The renewables surcharge added to German electricity bills may rise to around 6 to 6.5 ct/kWh in 2014, the newspaper Rheinische Post (RP) reported on Saturday. The EEG surcharge would then be getting close to twice the average market price in May 2013 of 3.257 ct/kWh for power from renewable sources.
RP referred to energy experts among them Andreas Löschel, head of the expert committee “Energiewende” (energy transformation) set up by the government.
A rise of the EEG surcharge to 6.5 ct/kWh would mean an extra EUR 3 billion on top of the current electricity bills for German consumers
If, when and to what extent EU law might (also) force a change of the EEG remains to be seen. The Commission is in the process of investigating compliance of the EEG feed-in tariff scheme and the EEG surcharge exemptions with EU state-aid and free movement of goods rules. At the same time three middle-sized textile companies have brought lawsuits against the EEG surcharge, which they consider unconstitutional.
The entire article can be read at the German Energy Blog

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