Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A trouble with negawatts: Reward for Cutting Power at Peak Times

Great article on customer demand management (CDM).  It even includes a penalty for bad behaviour.

There's a message here for public-private partnerships (PPPs) too ... where the public sector procures management consultation service in order to operate public assets like a private sector company.

Reward for Cutting Power at Peak Times - WSJ.com
Last month, Enerwise Global Technologies Inc. agreed to pay a $780,000 penalty and disgorge $20,000 in payments for its role in an alleged scheme to get paid for fake reductions.
FERC investigators concluded that Enerwise, a unit of Comverge Inc., coached the state-owned Maryland Stadium Authority to turn on stadium lights at the Camden Yards baseball park, home of the Baltimore Orioles, when lights weren't needed. Then when it cut back power use later in the day, it got credit.
Read the entire article, and listen to audio, at WSJ.com:

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