Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Report recommends Ontario consider a moritorium on generation procurement

I don't endorse the Mowat Centre's Getting the Green Light: The Path To Public Support for Ontario's Power Plans, but I certainly respect it's positions on transparency, statistical availability (Tom Adams deserves recognition for raising this), and the role of the Ontario Power Authority.

Getting the Green Light: The Path To Public Support for Ontario's Power Plans | The Mowat Centre
Good Governance
  • Define the role of ministers and elected officials and limit the use of ministerial directives. 
  • Require a provincial energy plan prepared by an independent expert agency. 
  • Enhance the Ontario Energy Board’s (OEB) review criteria.
  • Give the OEB the ability and resources to review and approve the Ontario Power Authority’s (OPA) procurement plans and leave-to-construct applications for new generation, as it does for transmission and distribution; or alternatively, create an independent generation siting board.
Transparency and accountability
If the planning process is transparent and accountable, people will be more likely to support the plan and accept planning decisions.
  • Improve statistical availability, analysis and reporting. 
  • Consider imposing a moratorium on further electricity generation procurement pending the preparation of the next Integrated Power System Plan. 
  • Require policy changes and directives to be submitted to the legislature.
The entire document is available at the Mowat Centre

This is the second document from the Mowat Centre I've noted favourably on this blog; the other is Smarter and Stronger: Taking Charge of Canada's Energy Technology Future.

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