Thursday, July 4, 2013

Merkel Says She Blocked Car Carbon Curbs to Shield Auto Jobs

This article is pertinent politically, but I'm posting it for the reference to automobile emissions

For Ontario residents: Your average emission level for electricity is 110g CO2 eq / kWh - it strikes me as far easier to cut 1 km of driving that to cut 1 kWh of energy consumption

Merkel Says She Blocked Car Carbon Curbs to Shield Auto Jobs - Bloomberg:
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that she blocked a draft European Union law aimed at reducing carbon-dioxide emissions from cars over concerns the measure would cost jobs in theauto industry.
A coalition of EU states led by Germany prevented approval of the measure at a meeting of diplomats in Brussels earlier this week. Merkel said that she moved to delay the proposal -- which would cap average carbon discharges by passenger vehicles in the bloc at 95 grams a kilometer in 2020 -- to defend jobs.
Merkel’s intervention, made less than three months before federal elections, collided with EU efforts to cap pollution by cars through varying targets for individual manufacturers ranging from Volkswagen AG (VOW) to General Motors Co. (GM) Current EU legislation requires carmakers to cut discharges to 130 grams a kilometer on average in 2015 and sets a non-binding goal of 95 grams for 2020.
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