Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Russian nuclear ambition powers building at home and abroad

The Russian nuclear program includes construction/development of floating reactors, a lead-bismuth cooled small modular integral fast reactor and a utility-scale fast reactor.

Of the 68 nuclear reactors under construction worldwide, Rosatom is building 28 – the nine in Russia plus 19 abroad including a controversial first plant for Iran, information from the IAEA and Rosatom shows.
In comparison, French rival Areva has just four reactors under construction while Toshiba Corp unit Westinghouse – although involved in building in the United States, China and South Korea – has not completed a reactor since 1995.
Kiriyenko said Rosatom has increased its foreign contracts by 60 percent, to $66.5 billion (43.2 billion pounds), in the last two years. It wants to triple sales by 2030 and has opened marketing offices in six countries.
Rosatom is pitching a new all-in-one offer to “Build, Own, Operate” (BOO) reactors aimed at allowing nations to enter the nuclear sector.
It has won recent sales by offering full package deals to nuclear newcomers such as Belarus and Bangladesh, which have neither the money nor know-how to build a first reactor.
“Right now, Russia is it if you want that kind of help,” Gordon said.
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